Stergios Stamos


Solo Exhibition

08.06 - 01.07/2017

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Skoufa Gallery presents the solo exhibition of Stergios Stamos, entitled Geographies, on Thursday 8 June, at 20:00. The exhibition will last until Saturday 1 of July, 2017.

This new work of Stamos is a sequel of his previous one, entitled “Immigrations”, and includes multi-level installations and paintings, dealing with the whole route of the immigrants: from the unintentional abandonment of their country and their risky trip, to their final destination in a country of the western world.

The cause of his inspiration was the intense contrasts between Europe and East, the continuous tragedy in Syria, the lost people in the Mediterranean Sea, and the crisis in Europe and Greece.

The exhibition is developing in three basic sections, where photographs, victim names, texts and mockups of bombed cities, as results of the artist’s research, coexist with paintings distinguished for their plainness as well as their intensity.

As the art historian Manos Stefanidis mentions at the text that accompanies the exhibition catalogue:

“Stamos, with each of his new work, not only wonders “what a work of art actually is”, but insists to answer an even more difficult question “why a work of art today and for whom”? Despite the topical character of his works, his art does not accept to be just political, meaning denunciatory, but also seeks for something more ambitious and difficult: to create artistic environments – “horror monuments” (as the poet would say) but also energy cores that would help the viewer to understand his era as well as himself”.