George Hadoulis

Solo Exhibition

27.04 - 16.05/2017

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Skoufa Gallery is pleased to announce a solo painting exhibition by George Hadoulis. The exhibition will be opening on Thursday 27 April 2017, at 20.00 and last until Tuesday 16 May.

George Hadoulis returns with a series of paintings and drawings created over a period of the last 2 years maintaining his familiar painterly style but with unprecedented passion overflowing his work. This time his art springs from a personal environment, the most intimate and important place, where he is able to breathe and express himself: his studio. Arrangements of furniture, books, ceramic vases, stacked canvases, all brought to life, through irresistible light and solid colour.

As the novelist Christos Α. Chomenidis mentions in his text that accompanies the catalogue of the exhibition: “The wager that Hadoulis places at the age of 50 is not on immortalizing an already existing wound but on transforming his paint into blood and transfusing it into our veins instead”.

A collection of handmade ceramic vases by the artist will also be presented.