Mykonos to Athens

Group Exhibition

20.09 - 10.10/2016


  • adam-karamanlis
  • annemarie-wright
  • kadir-akyol
  • luis-bivar
  • manuel-felisi
  • thekla-papadopoulou
  • toby-boothman
  • z-2016-09-mykonos-to-athens

This exhibition presents works by Greek and international artists that were showcased in Skoufa Gallery Mykonos for the first time this Summer of 2016. Having completed a rich artistic programme at the island of Mykonos, we chose the most representative works in order to present them to our Athenian audience, transferring the memory of the summer ambience of the island, just before we welcome the winter season. The works come from a wide spectrum of fine arts and from numerous themes, techniques and styles which reflect the contemporary art trends in Greece and abroad.

From photography, to painting, to mixed media and sculpture, 16 interesting artists that distinguished themselves his summer travel from ‘Mykonos to Athens’ and invite the spectator to an imaginative artistic dialogue.

Participating Artists:

Kadir Akyol, Luis Bivar, Toby Boothman, Chryssa, Manuel Felisi, Efi Haliori, Katerina Kaloudi, Stella Kapezanou, Adam Karamanlis, Danae Megreli, Elena Papadimitriou, Thekla Papadopoulou, Della Rounick, Demos Tsormpatzoglou, Annemarie Wright, Yiorgis Yerolymbos