Group Exhibition 

Curated by Elizabeth Plessa

12.12/2015 - 11.1/2016


  • giannakaki
  • houliaras1
  • kana
  • perros
  • prassinos
  • steris
  • triantafyllou
  • vlahaki

Twenty artists trace the image of dream, a fundamental and multidimensional subject matter in the history of art. The artists participating in the exhibition “Dream”, with works which were mostly created especially for this presentation, examine the boundaries of the painterly rendering of dream, its relation and its distance to the concept and image of reality.

“Dream” attempts to reveal the aspects of both the spiritual as well as the material dimension of the dream-like image. The journey begins from the charm of the narrative and often symbolic approach of dream as a pure painterly depiction, going on to the enigmatic emersion of the dream-like form through the work’s texture itself. In the end, the birth of the dream-like image out of the matter of the painting’s surface inevitably leads to works which approach, more or less, abstraction, suggesting the image of dream as insight, which occurrs from the structural elements of the painterly composition.

Participating artists:

Nikos Angelidis


Kalliopi Assargiotaki

Ioulia Ventikou

Nana Vetta

Marilitsa Vlachaki

Maria Giannakaki

Manolis Zacharioudakis

Irene Kana

Alexis Kyritsopoulos

Varvara Liakounakou

Alina Matsa

Varvara Mavrakaki

Yannis Mihailidis

Panayiotis Beldekos

Vassilis Perros

Mario Prassinos

Yerassimos Steris

Kallia Triantafyllou

Nikos Houliaras