8.3 - 2.4/2013

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On Friday 8th March 2013 at 7.30 pm the painting exhibition ‘Polyfloisvos’by Maria Ktistopoulou opens at Skoufa Gallery.

The exhibition will present a series of new works which focus on the form and sensation of the unrest seascape and its waves.  In all of Maria Ktistopoulou’s works, waves present themselves as a means for exploration of the aesthetic qualities and particularities of the unrest seascape, as well as a means for the investigation of their potential function as vessels of social and emotional connotations.

By depicting stormy seas and offshore landscapes, the painter focuses on the state of unrest and continuous dynamic change which characterises the landscape itself and the viewer that experiences it. The colourful compositions of foamy waves and cloudy skies are used as reflections not just of the physical light hidden by the passing of a storm, but also as reflections of the emotional stimuli of the artist which are capable to kindle the senses of the spectator.

Opening: Friday 8 March 7.30 p.m.
Duration of exhibition 8 March 2013 – 2 April 2013

SKOUFA GALLERY  4 Skoufa Str., Kolonaki, 10673
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