17.5 - 23.6/2012

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On Thursday May 17th at 7.30 p.m., Skoufa Gallery presents for the first time

Micha' s new work entitled Awakening. Its subject is the Greek flag, something more than a patriotic symbol.

The Greek flag in the artist's work is presented weathered and rusted. Micha utilizes the aesthetic value of the rust which is mentally transformed into a symbol of corrosion, neglect and destruction.

However the artist aims at giving the message that rust does not lead to total decay and distraction but can act as a warning and a starting point of reset and reconstruction. The rust brings forth an awakening which aims at restoring the symbol through hard work into its principal pure stable nature.

Through the works at Skoufa Gallery the viewers can explore his complicated and unique technique of rust reconstruction. Micha handles with control and expressiveness various media and techniques which allow him to create different works such as watercolour paintings, acrylic canvases and fibreglass sculptures.

The hidden meaning of the rust shines in a series of works of oxidized Greek flags.

All these works highlight that a rusty surface does not refer to dismissal but to rebirth rejuvenation and above all hope. In Micha's own words, ''A flag made of gold has the same value as a flag made of rust''.

Opening Thursday 17th 2012, 7.30 p.m.

Duration of exhibition May 17th till Juen 9th 2012