Amalia Sotiropoulou


Solo Exhibition

18.05 - 03.06/2017

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Gallery Skoufa presents the new solo exhibition by Amalia Sotiropoulou, entitled Sirens, on Thursday, 18 May 2017, at 20:00. The exhibition will last until 3 June 2017.

In mythology, Sirens are associated with the sea, love and death. Their beauty and incomparable melody of their songs, immediately seduces whoever approaches them. The danger always lays there. This mythological symbol of the fatal woman inspires the photographer, who presents visual images of female allure. Iconic women of our times, as contemporary sirens, are lurking for their victims, and rebaptised through the light and color of the Photographer’s lens.

Amalia Sotiropoulou embraces the ancient Greek symbol of the “eternal” woman, and reuses it with a sort of tender irony and criticism. On one hand, the artist uses the myth as her tool to understand and interpret contemporary life, in a sarcastic way, forming the mythology of the modern person, especially the male that comes across the current challenges living his own odyssey. On the other hand, the photographic lens is exploring the digital, “constructed”, almost plastic version of the beautiful and sensual woman, suggesting a journey in a world of images, where borders between the truth and lies are continuously redefined.

The exhibition “Sirens” is the most self-referential work of Amalia Sotiropoulou and defines the confrontation with her own self.